Identification of biomarkers for innovative oncology prodrug


Convert Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical-stage company that builds a proprietary drug pipeline exploiting specific actors of the tumor micro-environment or therapeutic benefit. Convert’s lead product CP-506 is a hypoxia-activated prodrug (HAP). Hypoxia is a characteristic of many solid tumors and is associated with poor prognosis. HAPs such as CP-506, take advantage of hypoxia by being solely activated in the hypoxic areas of the tumors and by releasing their cytotoxic compound to induce tumor apoptosis in the hypoxic tumor niches.


The goal of the project is to identify specific gene signatures and generate predictive models to identify cancer patients potentially sensitive to CP-506 treatment. Based on transcriptomic data first issued from tumor cell lines, then building on complexity from tumors (mice xenograft models, PDX models) and ultimately patient tumor samples, the objective is to identify gene signature(s) that specifically correlate with the sensitivity to CP-506.


The project is ongoing and currently focuses on the analysis of the data collected from in-vitro cell line experiments; status on the investigation will lead to more extensive scientific publication in a near future.

"At Convert Pharmaceuticals, we are satisfied with the cooperation that has been initiated with DNAlytics : their analysts are pro-actively helping us to understand the mechanisms in place within our in-vitro experiments, and to correlate those observations to specific gene expressions.
They demonstrate a strong mastering of the bio-statistical considerations."

Sophie Thiolloy
Director Translational Medicine 
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