Vision & Mission


At DNAlytics, we believe that in the very near future, medicine will become personalized and predictive, with the Patient as its core concern. Health care will be organized along three main axes:

  • The pharmaceutical industry, responsible as it is now for new treatments design and production, with even stronger interactions with academia.
  • The in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry, enabling a broad range of biological measurements (genomics, proteomics, imaging,...)
  • The data mining industry, responsible for analyzing the huge flows of data produced by the IVD devices. The aim of the analysis approach is to help choosing the best treatment for each patient (matter of public health), and also to strongly help the pharma industry producing safer and more efficient drugs, and getting better ROI on clinical research (which is undergoing a hard time right now), necessary to boost our knowledge-based economy.

The success of the advent of Predictive and Personalized Medicine will also strongly depend on Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, and States.


DNAlytics aims at being the reference European partner for the analytical / computational needs of the healthcare industry in the field of personalized medicine, helping patients benefit from it.


In order to materialize its vision, DNAlytics will exploit its expertise in Data Mining / Machine Learning, Statistics, Intensive Computing and Web technologies.