What parts of production margins are nibbled by batch losses or unplanned down-time ?

What are key process drivers? How to improve process yield or quality?

How to detect issues before they arise?

How to make process knowledge robust to collaborators turnover?

How to get a 360° view on your plant performance?

Hercule at a glance

  • Integrative. APIs and connectors enabling multi-source data integration and curation. We favor connection to your existing systems, but we fill gaps in Electronic Batch Record.
  • Smart. Routines for statistical analyses, predictive modeling, able to digest thousands of features of different natures.
  • Process-centric. Your process is at the heart of Hercule, everything else depends on it.
  • Practical. Modular structure. You get just what you need.

Data Entry

Process Monitoring

Industrial R&D

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Lean implementation process

Extra-value at all levels of your organization

Company Management

  • Improved competitive positioning and profitability: reduces issues and batch losses, increased efficiency.
  • Robust knowledge management, retention and sharing within the organization

R&D / Process development teams

“Digital Twin” for process enhancement and troubleshooting:

  • Insights on drivers of performance and quality
  • Assessment of changes at reduced costs/impacts
  • Design of experiments : prioritisation of tests to be performed

Production manager

Customized dashboards and analyses :

  • Anticipated interventions
  • Actionable results for internal reporting and suppliers interactions
  • Consolidated information, even in case of staff turnover

Quality officer

Enhanced and automated batch release:

  • “Golden batch” as multifactorial reference
  • Consolidated batch overview
  • Trend detection and outlier detection

Process operator

Customized recording and reporting interfaces

  • Meaningfulness of data capture
  • Self-benchmarking for improved practice

Meet your production objectives