DNAlytics offers a tailored and on-demand consultancy service in data mining for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and IVD companies, as well as academic medical, biological or clinical research laboratories. As an introduction to what we do, we suggest watching the following short video on the right.

Our data mining platform fits with many data production technologies as well as various medical areas and needs. Although perhaps not explicit from the start, most of the project we are confronted with pursue three objectives:

  1. Build and validate predictive solutions
  2. Identify a small set of relevant (bio)markers from a vast set of possible markers
  3. Prototype software applications making those solutions available to practitioners

Through most of our projects, we use software elements that combine publicly available code and our own code library. A part of our website is dedicated to relevant software elements developed and/or maintained at DNAlytics. We also invite you to read about some actual projects we have performed in the past.