Biomarker List Interpretation Simple Software

In the early process of identifying (multivariate) gene signatures for any predictive purpose (as we do for diagnosis, prognosis or theranosis), a very uncomfortable task is to “interpret” lists of candidate markers working jointly. Gathering up-to-date information about a gene list takes weeks, and is rarely complete. And the interactions between markers are rarely taken into account. Well, it happens you could forget about that, or at least significantly ease the process!

At DNAlytics, we propose you to use BLISS, software that supports you in that task. Simply provide a list of standard gene symbols, let BLISS compute a few minutes, and it will send a detailed report to your mailbox. The information is collected from well known databases such as Entrez, OMIM, UCSC, GO, Kegg, DrugBank, etc. for each gene, but also about pathways connecting them, drug interacting with them, etc.

BLISS work on a SaaS mode, so you do not have to buy nor install the software. Instead, you perform a request about a particular gene list, and the report is sent to your mail box. Easy pricing: you pay a fixed price per gene!

BLISS is not yet fully automatized. Meanwhile, DNAlytics will use BLISS internally with your specifications (see form below). We guarantee to give you a quote within 24h from Monday to Friday.

BLISS picture

An example?

Suppose you want to study a biomarker list containing the following items: IL18, IL33, TNF, IFNA, FOXP3, IL9. In that case, BLISS will generate the following report that you can download and read: BLISS example report.

Note that BLISS will include images representing pathways only if two or more signature components appear in it.

Ask for a quote

Fill the form below and we will send you a quote for your desired report. Reports can come in two flavors:

  • Standard: with mentions of DNAlytics on the top of every page, and a description of our services and products,
  • White product: no mention at all of DNAlytics, and you can reuse the report for any purpose. An extra fee applies.