Content improvements


Improved computation of the activity of the 8 metabolic pathways covered by RK-Dx test : the underlying algorithm is more robust and provide results with increased confidence ; in addition, one mouse-click on the colored segments in the diagram provides an immediate access to the specific information for the corresponding pathway.




Updated information, with recent opened studies related to the different classes of biological treatments.



New available tools for the scoring and management of musculoskeletal diseases, with a focus on osteo-arthritis (OA) :
– K&L is the Kellgren and Lawrence score, used for the identification of the presence and severity of OA ; it accounts for parameters such as the joint space narrowing, the presence of osteophytes, the magnitude of scheloris and the bone, deformity, and establishes a classification of patients in a 5-grade scale.

– CaLS is a Cartilage Lesion Score, which quantifies OA lesions as observed on MRI images, by taking into account different three-dimensional quantities that characterize the volume of cartilage defects ; CaLS indicator demonstrates the reproducibility and progression of cartilage defects, and as such can typically be used for performing longitudinal follow-up of OA patients.

These tools have been implemented in the context of PROUESSE project, a research initiative supported by regional authorities.

As a reminder, all disease evaluation scores as well as the timeline for longitudinal follow-up of patients are openly accessible to all rheumatologists registered on RhemaKit platform : these practical tools can be used free of charge, independently of the use of the kits.



Update of the software application « RheumaKit for Patients », for compliance with the latest versions of iPhone and Android platforms.



Improved logistics and information provided to RK users on the web platform :

– a description of the detailed content of every new release (release notes) ;

– instructions for use now available online (previously only through PDF document) ;

– timestamps added on all functional computations perfromed on the platform (diagnostic computation, clinical score, …) ;

– some practical enhancements implemented on the procedure ensuring synovial biopsy transportation to the partner laboratory.


Stay tuned for exciting news coming soon !

The clinical study PAnTheRA is progressing well, thanks to the active contribution of our clinical partners ! The transcriptomic analysis of available samples shall be performed in a couple of weeks, enabling DNAlytics to perform a first evaluation of the predictive power of the selected markers for the response to TNF inhibitors.