Hemorrhagic Risk Scoring System in Cirrhotic Children – HRS²C²


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Cirrhosis in children stems from a wide variety of causes, and requires pediatric transplant. While awaiting a transplant, cirrhotic young patients run the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding due to portal hypertension : this bleeding is known to be correlated with esophageal varices characteristics. In a retrospective study, three clinically relevant factors for the risk of bleeding had been identified from 83 patients suffering from biliary atresia ; based on these preliminary results, DNAlyics was requested to build a predictive model of esophageal varices bleeding risk. This model was validated in a prospective study with cirrhotic children waiting for a liver transplant.


The predictive model built and validated by DNAlytics proved suitable for prioritizing cirrotic children waiting for a liver transplant on the basis of the bleeding risk indicator. The model has an estimated predictive performance of 81.03% in balanced classification rate (average between specificity and sensitivity) ; its accuracy reaches 88.55%.

The model can easily be used in clinical practice, as it requires only 3 common clinical inputs. To that end, DNAlytics has embedded the model into a piece of software that can be accessed and operated from a web platform : this smart tool is available at www.hrs2c2.com and is routinely used  in Saint-Luc Pediatrics department.  


"Our department is delighted about this collaboration with the experts from DNAlytics. They showed a capability to deliver high-quality scientifc results leading to co-publications and at the same time, they materialized their model into a smart application that could support decision-making in clinical practice."

Prof. Xavier Stéphenne, MD
Pediatric gastro-enterology and hepatology dpt.(Prof. E. Sokal)
Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc 


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