Biogazelle & DNAlytics offer an end-to-end solution from RNA biomarker panel discovery (multigene signature)to the development of a clinical-grade test. In this partnership, Biogazelle coordinates the projects and manages all data production aspects while DNAlytics provides guidance and implements data analysis and modeling aspects. This RNA biomarker discovery and validation program comprise 3 phases (shown in pink) covering 7 steps (shown in blue).


Why RNA molecules make excellent biomarkers

• studying RNA provides better understanding of dynamic changes in cell, tissue or organism
diversity of RNA species (different RNA molecules, varying abundance levels and structural differences) opens up new opportunities for improving diagnosis and treatment of human disease:
• RNA captures heterogeneity and varying disease states
• RNA measurement technologies are ready to develop a clinical-grade test: they are sensitive, high-throughput and capable of measuring a large dynamic range
• RNA measurement technologies allow easy multiplexing: mutli-gene signatures outperform single biomarkers;
• RNA molecules are an untapped source of biomarkers leading to an attractive intellectual property landscap


Why the Biogazelle & DNAlytics biomarker development platform is your best choice

smoother projects due to aligned wet and dry lab workflows: all steps – from RNA sequencing over advanced data modeling to qPCR validation– are managed by one partner
faster delivery of results due to alignment of results: no misalignment or misinterpretation of results by multiple parties
higher quality of resulting biomarker due to 15 years of experience in transcriptome analysis and model building
more efficient projects with one point of contact for the entire biomarker development program



DNAlytics develops innovative data-driven precision medicine solutions (diagnosis, prognosis, treatment guidance) through partnerships with healtchcare players such as pharmaceutical, biotechnological or In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) companies.
DNAlytics wants its solutions to have a major impact on patients, healthcare practitioners and Society as
a whole.
DNAlytics is a Belgian company founded in 2012 as a UCLouvain Spin-Off that bases its activities on a data mining technology platform. Aside from product (co)development, DNAlytics also proposes its expertise in the form of a data mining consultancy service. DNAlytics received various awards, namely from IBM, Microsoft, the European Commission or the MIT, both for its technology and its business model.


Biogazelle is a research & early development stage biotechnology company deploying the power of RNA for next generation diagnostics and therapeutics in the field of oncology and other human diseases.

Biogazelle was founded as a Ghent University spinoff in 2007 by prof. Jo Vandesompele and dr. Jan Hellemans. In addition to its own R&D programs,
Biogazelle offers expert laboratory services (some of which under ISO 17025 accreditation or GCLP compliancy) in the area of transcriptome analysis.
To this purpose, several state-of-the-art laboratory methods such as RNA sequencing and digital PCR are being used, complemented with custom developed unique software tools, including Cobrafor RNA-sequencing and qbase+ for qPCR dataanalysis.