Data-driven precision medicine

DNAlytics develops innovative data-driven precision medicine solutions (diagnosis, prognosis, treatment guidance) through partnerships with healtchcare players such as pharmaceutical, biotechnological or In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) companies. DNAlytics wants its solutions to have a major impact on patients, healthcare practitioners and Societey as a whole.

DNAlytics is a Belgian company founded in 2012 as a UCLouvain Spin-Off that bases its activities on a data mining technology platform. Aside from product (co)development, DNAlytics also proposes its expertise in the form of a data mining consultancy service. In this context we serve various types of customers.

DNAlytics received various awards, namely from IBM, Microsoft, the European Commission or the MIT, both for its technology and its business model.

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Rheumatology: RheumaKit

RheumaKit is a set of tools for the management of patients with arthritis, enabling differential diagnosis with RheumaKit-Dx, patient monitoring and clinical studies management with RheumaKit-Timeline (for rheumatologist) and RheumaKit for Patients (mobile application), as well as treatment response prediction / theranosis with RheumaKit-Tx.   For further information on RheumaKit, click here   H2020 SME Instrument…

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Oncology: ColonoKit

Press release : VIB et DNAlytics EN VIB et DNAlytics FR VIB et DNAlytics NL Colorectal Cancer (CRC) incidence and the impact of detecting it early, make CRC diagnosis a primary focus in the oncology community. ColonoKit is a screening solution for colorectal cancer, a cancer which early diagnosis is crucial for patient survival. It…

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A tailored, on-demand data mining consultancy service for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and IVD companies, as well as academic research laboratories. We build diagnostic, prognostic, theranostic solutions based on mathematical modeling.

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