Management of severe food allergies



DBV Technologies is a global clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a novel class of immunotherapy against food allergies. Their investigational treatment portfolio is built over Viaskin® platform, a novel technology constituted of an electrostatic patch that activates the immune system through the skin. A family of treatments is being developed over such platform, of which the treatment against peanut allergies « Viaskin® Peanut » is the most advanced programme.


While DBV Technologies was progressively accumulating data from Phase II and III clinical studies over Viaskin® Peanut, they asked DNAlytics to elaborate dedicated models capable of monitoring the patient reaction to the treatment, and of predicting the treatment outcome.


DNAlytics team processed patient data (treated + placebo-controlled individuals), including epidemiological and demographic data, treatment doses, as well as various generic and peanut-specific protein markers from blood-based follow-up. DNAlytics results helped in understanding the treatment progression and proposed promising approaches to potentially assist with assessing the efficacy of Viaskin® Peanut. Additional studies are ongoing to understand whether a particular combination of some measured quantities could potentially act as reliable biomarkers for understanding patient response.



   Evolution over time of the predicted peanut tolerance
   for children treated with Viaskin® Peanut 250μg
   within VIPES and OLFUS-VIPES studies.

   Reference : A. Peillon et al.,
   ACAAI Poster presentation, 2016.


"It has been wonderful to work with DNAlytics ! Their level of responsiveness, understanding, adaptability and professionalism have been outstanding."

 Todd Green, MD
 Vice President, Medical Affairs North America
 DBV Technologies 
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