For the development of drugs, medical or diagnostics devices, for clinical research, biomarker identification, predictive or precision medicine, data sciences can boost your projects and reinforce your team’s expertises and resources.

Typical applications include:

  • Clinical development: 
    • enhance clinical trials by smart stratification or screening strategies;
    • Identify subpopulations at risk of adverse events or likely to respond more to a treatment;
    • Combine databases of multiple related studies to increase statistical power;
  • Research & Development:
    • rapidly get insight on sets of genes or proteins: what is known about them individually?
    • Are they known for clinically-impactful mutations?
    • In what metabolic pathways are they known to play together?
    • What existing drugs are targeting them (or close relatives)?
  • Diagnostics, prognostics, theranostics:
    • build new multivariate decision-support tool to make more accurate, earlier and more efficient decisions.