COVID-19 : monitoring the outbreak progression

Since the very early days of COVID-19 outbreak in Belgium, DNAlytics has been working with academic experts and public authorities towards objective, data-driven public health policies.


The project has been initiated with clinicians of UZLeuven, acting as Reference Centre for the management of the viral epidemics in Belgium. Researchers from UCLouvain, Earth and Life Institute, contributed for the selection of adequate cartographic representations. Data gathering and handling were performed with the skilled support from Savics. The project was ultimately handed over and further developed upon direct request from the Health Division of the Federal Public authorities.


In support to the Covid19 Crisis Management Group from Belgian authorities, DNAlytics has produced cartographic representations of the spread of Covid19 epidemics, as well as analyses of the hospital capacities including geographic distributions over Belgian territory as well as projections over time : those results have proven critical to help the authorities elaborating and adjusting their crisis management strategies.


Based on limited open data communicated daily by Sciensano (Belgian Institute for Health), DNAlytics provided a public outbreak overview map reporting the contamination at the municipality level. Additional maps representing the proportion (snapshot) and evolution (trend) of hospital capacities (intensive care beds and respiratory assistance devices) have also been produced, and made available with controlled access to the scientific experts and representatives from crisis management group.

"FPS Health was delighted to cooperate with DNAlytics for the monitoring of hospital capacities during COVID crisis: they provided intuitive and meaningful representations of the data collected daily across all Belgian hospitals, they showed an outstanding responsiveness in maintaining and updating those digital tools on a 24/7 basis, they also provided valuable contributions to support the regulations through figures and visualization helping the crisis management to formulate scenarios."

 Pedro Facon
FPS Health, Director-General Healthcare 

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